The Various Types of Wastewater Explained

types of wastewaterDid a pipe just burst in the home? Is the bathroom or basement floor flooded? The severity of damage depends largely on the type of wastewater. The filthier the water, the greater the damage and remediation. Regardless of the types of wastewater you encounter, you’ll need to bring in a plumbing service.

The Three Types of Wastewater

1. Clean Water

As you can probably guess, clean water is, well, clean. This doesn’t mean, though, that it’s clean enough for drinking. Clean water is simply free of contaminants. Rain and snow are examples of clean water. Even toilet tank water counts as clean. You can clean a minor flood yourself if dealing with a leaky toilet or heater. You must do so immediately, though, because clean water can turn into greywater within 48 hours.

2. Greywater

Greywater is also known as sullage. You can use greywater for non-potable purposes, such as watering the grass. Small traces of pathogens, though, may be in the water. Examples of greywater include leftover H2O from the shower or laundry.

You can clean minor indoor greywater flooding, though be sure to wear protective gear. Greywater can become blackwater if you allow it to linger.

3. Blackwater

We don’t need to tell you that blackish water is a major health hazard. This is water that has come into contact with human or animal fecal matter. Blackwater is loaded with harmful bacteria and pathogens. Cleaning up blackwater flooding requires special chemicals and particulates. If the dirty water makes contact with porous material like carpet or wood, you will probably not be able to salvage them.

We’ll Stop a Pipe Leak

Plumbing and Heating Specialist can stop a flood from a leaky pipe or a sink or toilet overflow. Our special offers may cover such services. We can determine the type of wastewater and advise whether you need professional remediation for cleaning the flood.

Residential Leak Repairs

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