How to Retrieve Jewelry from a Drain

retrieve jewelry from drainSome people have a habit of placing their wedding ring or other jewelry on the soap dish while conducting personal hygiene. A minor slip of a finger can cause that invaluable item to fall into the drain. Fear not; you can retrieve jewelry from the drain using simple household items. You do not need to employ any sophisticated MacGyver-like tactics.

Use a Coat Hanger

You may have seen people do this on TV. To the surprise of many, this method actually works to some extent. You may not be able to fetch smaller items like an earring, but you might be able to retrieve a necklace or larger piece of jewelry. Remove the drain catch and bend a metal hanger into an elongated rod with a hook on the end.

Suck It Out

You can also try a wet/dry shop vacuum. Place the hose into the drain if it can fit into the hole. Hopefully, it will have enough suction power to suck your jewelry up. Place a pantyhose over the hose so you don’t suck the jewelry into the vacuum bag.

Dismantle the Sink

You may attempt this if you have basic plumbing 101 knowledge. First, shut off the water, place a bucket under the sink, and unscrew the J-pipe. If you still can’t reach the item, then it may be inside the P-trap. Try using a magnetic or pronged retrieval tool.

Please call a plumbing service instead if you don’t have the basic tools or are unable to identify the J-pipe and P-trap.

We’ll Retrieve Your Jewelry from the Drain

Call Plumbing & Heating Specialist if the above methods fail. Enquire about our special offers to see our current offerings. Aside from the run-of-the-mill pipe repairs and heating services, we retrieve jewelry from drains more often than you might expect.

Drainage Jewel Retrieval

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