How to Remove Toilet Bowl Rust Stains

toilet bowl rustThe toilet bowl is probably the most difficult place in the bathroom to keep clean. Rust stains in the toilet bowl are particularly annoying. Fortunately, removing rust is an easy process. You can restore the toilet bowl so it looks almost clean enough to eat out of it.

What Causes Rust Stains in the Toilet Bowl?

Rust stains often appear in a reddish-brown color. They arise due to the presence of iron in hard water. The rust may also appear on other fixtures, such as sinks, bath tubs, and heaters. The air combines with the iron, causing oxidization.

Removing the Rust

The key to rust removal is removing the iron. Many homeowners attempt to remove the rust by scrubbing the surface with bleach. While this seems like an easy DIY fix, the bleach actually causes a chemical reaction with the iron. This hastens the onset of more unsightly rust.

Multiple methods are available for removing rust the natural way. Start by opening all windows and turning on fans for ventilation. Proceed by concocting your own homemade rust remover. Feel free to use any of the following solutions:

  • Salt and lime. Let the solution sit on the rust for two to three hours and scrub with the lime rind.
  • Baking soda with white distilled vinegar. Scrub with aluminum foil or a tennis ball to avoid scratching.
  • Cut a potato in half and dip the cut-end into dish soap. Use the soaked potato to scrub away the rust.

You Do the Cleaning, We Do the Fixing

For functional problems, such as pipe leaks and backups, call Plumbing & Heating Specialist. Our special offers keep plumbing repairs affordable for Snohomish residences. Feel free, though, to experiment with cleaning hacks for removing toilet bowl rust stains.

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