Summer Heater Maintenance: Why This Is the Best Season for Repairs

summer heater maintenanceThe heater is probably the last appliance on your mind during this time of year. This is precisely why you should address any potential issues. Summer heater maintenance will ensure you have a fully functioning furnace come the cooler seasons of autumn and winter.

Why Maintain the Heater in the Summer?

Even though you’re not using the heater, you’re probably using the AC on full blast. The AC and heater share the same ductwork. The two also share the same thermostat. If this unit is faulty, then it will affect both systems. This means a problem with one can affect the other. The heater and AC are interconnected, forming a single HVAC system.

Save Money

Labor prices fluctuate according to demand; the plumbing and heating industry is no exception. So, heating unit maintenance prices are lower during the summer. The same goes for the AC, where repairs are cheaper in the winter and higher in summer.

The same rule applies for purchasing a new appliance. If your furnace is beyond repair, then you want to purchase a replacement during summer. Most suppliers at this time provide pre-season prices. Cost of installation also tends to be lower.

Homeowner Maintenance

Homeowners can look for signs of potential trouble that warrant a professional inspection. Regularly check the filter; apply the same rule regarding car filters. If you hold the filter to the light and light doesn’t pass through, then it’s due for a replacement. You should also turn on the furnace and monitor the vent to see if warm air is coming out.

We Perform Heater Maintenance in the Summer

Now is the time to check the heater, while it’s not in use. Contact Plumbing and Heating Specialist if you notice any irregularities. Our special offers keep prices affordable. Summer heater maintenance ensures the furnace is ready to go when you need it most.

Residential Furnace Maintenance

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