Thanksgiving Plumbing Tips: Be Sure not to Overstress the Pipes this Holiday

thanksgiving plumbing tips, holiday plumbing, plumbing tipsThanksgiving is a day of delicious food, and lots of it. This also means more cooking, which entails heavy use of the sinks, dishwasher, garbage disposal, etc. This holiday, be sure not to overtax your pipes. We outline some Thanksgiving plumbing tips to follow which will keep the plumbing in good health.

1. Garbage Disposal ≠ Trashcan

The garbage disposal is not made of kryptonite; it has its limits in terms of what it can process. The disposal blades have a difficult time grinding up fibrous foods, such as lettuce, onions, and celery. Grease and coffee grinds are also a no-no. Also, avoid throwing rice in the disposal. Rice absorbs water and expands, which can cause a backup.

2. Be Careful of Grease

Most people know never to dump grease into the drain. However, we always have to remind homeowners. This is especially important since residential homes do not have grease traps. Soak up all grease and oils on a paper towel before washing dishes and pans.

3. Don’t Use the Dishwasher

We receive tons of calls for a clogged garbage disposal the day after Thanksgiving. If this occurs, don’t run the dishwasher. The two usually share the same drain line. If you use the dishwasher, you risk flooding the kitchen floor. Wash dishes by hand or wait until a plumber clears the backup.

4. Avoid Back-to-Back Showers

If you have multiple overnight guests, be sure they wait at least 15-minutes between showers. This allows time for the drains to clear; it also gives the heater time to replenish hot water.

Follow These Thanksgiving Plumbing Tips for a Hassle-Free Holiday

Too often, a night of hearty cooking and eating result in plumbing difficulties the next day. If this occurs, call Plumbing & Heating Specialist. Our special offers cover most basic services. You can avoid most issues altogether by following these Thanksgiving plumbing tips.

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