What Causes a Shower Drain Backup?

shower drain backupThe sinks and toilets are the fixtures in your home that are most prone to backing up. Water backup from a shower drain is less common, though definitely not unheard of. What exactly causes a shower drain to backup?

The Common Culprits

Water pooling around the shower drain can be due to a number of causes. Does this occur when you use the bathroom or kitchen sink? If so, then you probably have a clog in the main line. This may also be the case if backup occurs when doing the laundry. This requires professional plumbing intervention.

If water coming up the shower drain is accompanied by foul odor, then you may have a sewer line blockage. A plumber will need to run a snake through the pipes.

Shower Drain Backup from a Toilet Flush

Though fairly rare, you may also notice water emerging from the shower drain when you flush the toilet. This is another strong indicator of a clog. The shower and toilet share the same sewer line. If the pipe is clogged, then the flushed water has nowhere to go, causing it to emerge from the shower drain.

We strongly recommend calling a plumber ASAP because the water coming out the drain is mostly gray and black water. This poses a serious health hazard.

A Secondary Line Clog

All the problems above are main line problems. If backup in the shower drain only occurs when you use the shower, then you have a clog in a secondary line. While less severe than a main line problem, clearing a secondary line still requires professional intervention.

We Clear Shower Drain Backups

Contact Plumbing & Heating Specialist if any backup occurs. Our special offers keep prices affordable. We also inspect heaters, which keeps the home cozy during the holidays. A shower drain backup is a serious plumbing issue that requires your undivided attention.

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