My Water Is Taking Too Long to Heat; What Do I Do?

too long to heatEven in the summer, people tend to take warm showers. The idea of a cold shower just doesn’t sit well with most folks. Have you noticed that your water is taking longer than usual to warm up? What do you do if the water is taking too long to heat?

Why Is Water Taking So Long to Heat?

This can be attributed to a number of causes. Some possible reasons include:

  • Low volume restrictor: Your shower may have a low volume restrictor. While this saves water, it can also prolong the time it takes the water to heat up adequately.
  • Failing water heater: Like all other appliances, water heaters become less efficient as they get older. A plumber can inspect your heater and suggest a repair or replacement.
  • Sediment buildup: The heater tank accumulates sediment over time. This is especially the case in regions with hard water, which deposits calcium and other minerals on the bottom of the tank. When sediment covers the heating element, it insulates the water from the heat source.

How to Get Hot Water Faster

Is your water taking too long to heat up? If the problem is with the heater, then bring in plumbing services for an inspection. Another option is the addition of a hot water recirculation system, which you install on the faucet or showerhead. This system expedites the shuttling of hot water from the heater to the tap.

If you have an older heater, you can also consider replacing the unit with a tankless water heater. Unlike a traditional heater, a tankless water system does not have to refill itself.

Water Taking too Long to Heat? Call Us

Call Plumbing and Heating Specialist if your heater shows signs of slowing down. Our special offers keep furnace maintenance and installation affordable. Something is definitely off if your water is taking too long to heat.

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