Improve Plumbing with These Three Kitchen Upgrades

kitchen upgradesEvery few years, homeowners make major updates to their homes. The kitchen is one area we recommend for renovation. New fixtures and appliances can improve plumbing and water efficiency. Here are three kitchen upgrades that we believe belong in every Snohomish residence.

New Faucets

Most homes have outdated faucets. Some modern fixtures utilize low-flow or motion sensor technology to cut down on water use. This saves you money and helps the environment, so everyone benefits. Our plumbing service includes faucet installation. Definitely consider this kitchen upgrade if the faucet is leaking around the seams.

Water Filtration

Install a water filtration system under your sink. This will make your life significantly easier because you will not have to rely on refillable pitchers or buy bottled water. You’ll have access to drinkable water just by turning on the tap. Some of these filters even use reverse osmosis technology not unlike those used by professional water companies.

Garbage Disposal

Modern garbage disposals operate at a far lower volume. They also utilize stainless steel, which does the job far more quickly and lasts longer. As with the faucet, consider a replacement if your garbage disposal is leaking or exhibiting operating troubles.


The average refrigerator lasts about 13 years. Between replacements, that is a lot of time for technology to improve. For comparison, a modern energy-efficient fridge uses 350 kWh a year. A typical fridge in 1986, by contrast, uses 1400 kWh. If your fridge is more than a decade old, then maybe it is time for a replacement.

Make Your Kitchen Upgrade a Summer Priority

Upgrading to new fixtures and appliances is a long-term investment that will really pay dividends. Call Plumbing and Heating Specialist to help with the installation. We provide a whole range of plumbing and heating services and special offers. A kitchen upgrade will modernize your home.

Kitchen and Bathroom Fixture Installation

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