How to Clear a Garage Floor Drain

garage floor drain, garage drainThe garage floor can accumulate a lot of liquids, from flooded water to engine oil. This makes the garage floor drain an invaluable, albeit often overlooked, plumbing structure. Here are some helpful tips on how to clean and clear the drain of obstructions.

What Causes a Clogged Garage Floor Drain?

Garage floor drains can become clogged for the same reason as shower and sink drains. The source of the backup, though, may differ. Common sources include car oil and fluids.

One typical cause of backup is pipe crystallization. When liquids, such as soap water, urine, and grey water enter the drain, they leave behind solid sediment. The accumulation of solid debris over the course of years can eventually lead to a backup. This leads to puddling water, which can seep into cracks in the concrete and cause further damage.

DIY Drain Clearing

We recommend calling a plumbing service if the garage floor drain is backing up. However, if you enjoy working with tools and don’t mind a little elbow grease, then you may try this DIY process.

  1. Remove the grate: You may have to unscrew the grate from the floor depending on the grate type.
  2. Remove debris: Remove as much debris and gunk as possible using a trowel. You may even have to use your hands.
  3. Dissolve remaining gunk: Even with solid debris removed, there may still be semi-liquid sludge. Pour hot water down the drain to dissolve the gunk. Stick with hot water and refrain from using chemical drain cleaners.

That’s really all it takes. If blockages persist, then there may be obstructions deeper down the pipes. You will need to call a plumber.

We Clear all Types of Drains

Contact Plumbing & Heating Specialist if you require plumbing or heating services. See our special offers for discounts and savings. Don’t overlook a garage floor drain; call for professional clearing if water is backing up.

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