Why Is the Tap Water Cloudy?

cloudy tap waterDoes your faucet produce milk-colored water? It looks disgusting and unfit for general use. Is this a cause for alarm? Here’s important info regarding the reasons for cloudy tap water and what you can do about it.

Why Is the Tap Water Cloudy?

Cloudy tap water is technically known as turbid water. Turbidity is a term used to describe the degree to which water loses its natural transparency. Turbidity occurs due to a number of reasons, such as excessive minerals, air bubbles, and methane gas. Let’s examine these causes in more depth.

Air Bubbles

Cloudy tap water may be due to the dispersion of small air bubbles. This is common after some form of plumbing work. Air penetrates pipes during repairs, causing bubbles to form that create a cloudy appearance. Air bubbles are harmless, and the water clears up after a few seconds. If the problem persists, consider installing an air elimination valve.

Hard Water

Sediments, such as calcium, iron, and magnesium, can build up on the heater, pipes, and boiler. These minerals don’t always settle and can make their way to the faucet. If hard water is a consistent problem, a plumber may need to install a reverse-osmosis filter or a softener.

Methane Gas

Methane gas in water is rare but can occur if you get your water from a well. Methane gas is dangerous, making the water unsafe. Methane gas in water is often accompanied by whitish air bubbles. Water may also sputter from the faucet. Have a professional test the H2O quality.

We Eliminate Cloudy Tap Water

Compromised plumbing is often a primary cause of discolored water. Call Plumbing & Heating Specialist if you notice abnormal water color. Our special discounts include free diagnosis; homeowners have nothing to lose by picking up the phone. Cloudy tap water, while not always harmful, is not normal.

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