How to Get a Strong Toilet Flush

strong toilet flushDo you find yourself flushing the toilet twice because the flush is weak and fails to send everything down? Not only is this a nuisance but it’s also a water waster. Here’s why it has become weak and how you can get a strong toilet flush.

Check for a Backup

The weak flush may be due to a clog that partially blocks the waste pipe. Water struggles to flow through and consumes pressure that otherwise contributes to flushing power.

To check for a backup, fill the toilet bowl with water and flush. If the flushing power remains the same, then you have a partial backup. Try to remove the backup with a plunger. If that doesn’t help, then contact plumbing services.

Clean the Rim

The rim holes where the flushing water flows through may be blocked from mineral deposit buildup. For a quick way to create a strong flush, open the toilet lid and pour one to two cups of toilet bowl cleaner into the flush valve opening. Do not use the toilet for the next several hours. The cleaner will flow through the channels and dissolve the hardened deposits.

Low Water Bowl Level

You won’t get full flushing power if the water in the bowl is abnormally low. Low levels may indicate a leaky fill valve. If the valve leaks water, it takes pressure away from the tube that refills the bowl.

Flush the toilet with the lid open. Is water squirting from the valve? If so, then the contraption needs to be replaced.

We Produce a Stronger Toilet Flush

If the toilet is still not flushing at full capacity, give Plumbing and Heating Specialist a call. Our special offers include a free diagnosis and heater-related services. Having to double-flush is an annoyance. A strong toilet flush is just a phone call away.

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