Is Your Water Bill Increasing in Lynnwood? Find Out Why

increasing water bill LynnwoodFluctuations in your water bill are normal. However, if you notice a gradual and consistent rise, examine your household water use. If you notice a rise even if you haven’t changed your showering, laundry, or dishwashing habits, following are some potential causes for an increasing water bill in Lynnwood.

Underground Leaks

Old and damaged plumbing can lead to a significant amount of water loss in a short time. If you notice weak water pressure, water sputtering from the faucet, or wet patches on your lawn, call in a plumber to check on the pipeline. Water leaks not only waste money, they can cause serious damage to your property.

Leaky Toilet

A leaky toilet is less obvious than a leaky faucet, since the drip isn’t out in the open. Phantom flushing may cause the tank to leak water and automatically refill.

Faulty Water Meter

Though rare, an increasing water bill could be the result of a faulty meter. To check the meter, forgo all water use for about 30 minutes. Carefully examine the red needle on the meter. If the needle is still moving, then you probably have a leak somewhere. If a plumber, however, confirms no leaks, then you are left with a faulty meter as the culprit.

Increasing Water Bill in Lynnwood?

If your water bill is increasing and a call to the water company fails to yield any answers, call Plumbing & Heating Specialist. We do tasks ranging from leak detection to heater installation. We’ll determine what is causing your water bill to rise. Contact us today for our expert help.

Help With Increasing Water Bill Issues in Lynnwood

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