Why You Should Avoid Toilet Tablet Cleaners in Mukilteo

toilet tablet cleaners MukilteoWe get the appeal of toilet tablet cleaners. You just drop a blue circular disc in the toilet tank, and it does the rest. No need to worry about any wiping or scrubbing on your end. However, as convenient as these cleaners may be, we must advise you not to use them. Here are a few reasons to consider using another method to clean your toilets in Mukilteo.

Why Toilet Tablet Cleaners Are Harmful

Tablet cleaners were released in the 90’s and got tremendous hype since they relieved homeowners of an undesirable chore. However, plumbing services reported a spike in toilet repairs not long after the cleaner’s release. Further studies revealed the damage was due to the bleach from the tablets. The bleach alkalinized the water, causing corrosion and brittleness to vital components, such as the flapper, flush valve, and any other parts containing rubber and plastic.

Many homeowners simply dropped a tablet in the tank and forgot about it. This meant a slow, consistent, and prolonged release of alkaline into the water, destroying the toilet while cleaning it.

In-tank tablet cleaners did so much damage that toilet manufacturers even began including a clause in their warranties. The statement warns the warranty will not cover damage from tablet cleaners.

What’s the Solution?

The solution is simple: Stay away from in-tank cleaners and stick to toilet cleaning the manual way – with yellow latex gloves and a toilet brush. We realize it’s not a fun household chore, but your toilet will be healthy and germ-free, not to mention free of odors.

Clean Your Toilet the Old-Fashioned Way in Mukilteo

Aside from regular toilet cleaning, the techicians at Plumbing & Heating Specialists are available to help with all plumbing issues, large and small.  Check out our special offers to keep checkups affordable. As for those toilet tablet cleaners, we realize they’re tempting to use, but resist the urge. Contact us today for all your heating and plumbing needs.

Toilet Tablet Cleaners: Repairs and Maintenance in Mukilteo

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