Pet Owner Plumbing Tips for Bothell Animal Lovers

pet owner plumbing tips bothell

Do you have a canine or feline among the household? Unbeknownst to some homeowners, pets may affect the plumbing, and vice versa. We’ll outline a few pet owner plumbing tips and what you can do to prevent pet-induced plumbing issues.

Pet Owner Plumbing Tips: Things to Avoid

Never Leave the Toilet Seat Up—Does your dog enjoy the occasional sip of water from the toilet bowl? This isn’t a major concern since the water itself isn’t particularly harmful. However, the water and bowl may contain residue from chemical cleaners that pose a health concern if ingested.

Never Flush Kitty Litter—Some cat litter brands are marketed as flushable. Even so, we don’t recommend flushing the contents down the toilet. Your cat may consume foods that aren’t fully digestible, such as bones. You don’t want this matter ending up in the toilet drain.

Things You Can Do to Safeguard Your Pet

Install Pressure Balancing Valves—A surge of hot water in the shower sometimes occurs when another occupant flushes the toilet. While this isn’t a major problem for people, the temperature surge may be enough to scald smaller pets. Prevent the surge by having a plumbing service install a pressure balancing valve.

Prevent Backyard Digging—Some sewer lines are shallow, buried about 18-inches below the turf. If your dog is a digger, it could expose the pipes to the elements when it digs. Do what you must to prevent your canine friend from making craters in your yard.

We’ll Fix Plumbing Issues Caused by Your Pet in Bothell

Pet owners can contact Plumbing & Heating Specialist. Our special offers keep diagnosis and repairs affordable. This goes for our plumbing and heating services. Most of our crew members are pet owners themselves and understand how animals might affect the plumbing. Follow our plumbing tips for pet owners to keep both your pet and the plumbing happy. Contact us today for more information.

Pet Owner Plumbing Tips for Homes with Free-Roaming Pets in Bothell

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