How to Retrieve Jewelry from a Drain in Everett

jewelry from drain everettLosing an invaluable item down the sink doesn’t have to be a draining experience. It is possible to rescue a piece of jewelry from the drain.  Here are a couple of hacks to try.

Hang Up

If you’re trying to grab a necklace or ring that has slipped down first remove the stopper or drain catch. Unwind the twist in a metal coat hanger and straighten it until you can easily maneuver it into the drain. Form a little open loop on the end and keep in mind the shape of the drainpipe as you go fishing.  

This Sucks

With a smaller item, such as an earring, you might have luck with a wet/dry shop vacuum. Place the hose into the drain if it can fit into the hole. Use a rubber band to fix a piece of cheesecloth or pantyhose to the end of the hose to prevent the item from ending up in the dust bag.

Feeling Trapped?

For those who have the time and confidence, taking the sink apart is an option. With basic plumbing knowledge and the right tools, you may be able to retrieve the item. Shut off the water, place a bucket under the sink, and unscrew the J-pipe. But your trinket might be inside the P-trap, and you can try a magnetic or pronged retrieval tool to nab it.

We Can Get Your Jewelry from the Drain in Everett

The quickest and easiest way to recover the item is to call a plumbing service. In addition to common pipe repairs and heating services, we retrieve jewelry from drains more often than you might expect. If you’ve tried the DIY route (or would rather not) contact us at  Plumbing & Heating Specialist. Ask about our special offers to see our current offerings. 

Help Retrieving Jewelry from a Drain in Everett

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