Types of Wastewater & Why You Need to Know in Lynnwood

types of wastewater lynnwoodIf you’ve ever had water flooding your Lynnwood basement because of a plumbing problem, the severity of damage and cleaning depends on the type of wastewater involved. What is wastewater? We’ll help you understand the different types of wastewater and how to clean them up.

Clean Water

As you can probably guess, clean water is, well, clean. It’s not clean enough to drink, but it is free of contaminants. Toilet tank water is an example. If you have a minor flood caused by a leaky toilet or water heater, you can usually clean it up yourself. Clean up needs to be completed within 24 hours, or the water will become what’s known as greywater.


Greywater, also called sullage, can be caused by an overflowing tub or shower or a broken pipe. If flooding is extensive, such as several inches of water in the basement, consider hiring professionals for the clean up. This type of flooding can quickly become contaminated.


Blackwater refers to water contaminated with human waste and other pathogens from toilets or broken sewage pipes. It’s loaded with harmful bacteria and pathogens. Cleaning up blackwater flooding requires special chemicals. If this type of flooding soaks into your carpet or wood flooring or walls, they will probably have to be replaced.

Help Repairing Leaks From All Types of Wastewater in Lynnwood

Our technicians at Plumbing and Heating Specialist can stop a flood from a leaky pipe, a sink or an overflowing toilet. Our special offers may cover such services. Contact us and we’ll be over in a flash to help. We’ll also advise whether you need professional help cleaning up.

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