Do You Have a Leak at the Base of Your Toilet in Mukilteo?

toilet leak mukilteoA toilet can leak from multiple places. If you notice a puddle forming around the base, it could be the result of an opening at the base. Find out why you have a toilet base leak and what you can do about it.

Causes of a Toilet Base Leak in Mukilteo

Most modern toilets have a pair of white plastic cap coverings. These cover the tee bolts that secure the toilet in place. If the bolts become loose, the toilet base will pull away from the floor and create an opening.

Another cause of a toilet base leak is a worn or loose wax ring. This is a large O-shaped ring below the base of the toilet. It’s out of sight, and you have to lift the base to locate the wax ring. The ring can erode over the years and no longer provide a firm seal.

How to Fix It

Hopefully, all you have are two loose tee bolts. If that’s the case, just break out your toolbox and tighten them. If the bolts are already secured, then the problem is probably the wax ring. You’ll need to bring in a plumber to replace the ring. We don’t recommend DIY wax ring replacement. For one, wax rings differ depending on the toilet model. You also have to apply caulking and examine the base area for possible mold growth.

You’ll also need to call a plumber if the tee bolts are rusted in place. The same applies if the bolts don’t tighten and just keep spinning with every wrench turn.

We Repair Toilet Leaks

Both new and old toilet models are capable of leaking. Fortunately, we provide special offers for toilet repairs and reinstallations. Contact us at Plumbing and Heating Specialist if you have a water intrusion of any kind. We fix all leaks, from heater leaks to toilet base leaks.

Toilet Base Leak Repair in Mukilteo

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