Four Uses for Plumbers Putty in Bothell

plumbers putty bothellPlumbers putty is like the Play-Doh you played with as a kid. It’s also a wonder item for DIYers. Indeed, the putty can temporarily fix a lot of problems. The keyword here is “temporary.” We’ll outline where and how you can fix common plumbing issues using plumbers putty in Bothell.

What Is Plumbers Putty?

Plumbers putty is a clay-like substance that plumbers and homeowners use as a quick-fix for sealing a leaky pipe. The putty is made mostly from clay with additional additives, such as fish oil, limestone, talc, and linseed oil. While the substance is non-toxic, please do not give it to a child as a toy.

Plumbers Putty Common Uses

Pipes  Have a leaky pipe? Use the putty for a watertight seal. This isn’t a foolproof solution, however, as the putty may be ineffective against high-pressure leaks.

Sinks  Use putty to create a seal around the edges of a sink for a watertight barrier. Be careful, however, not to apply putty too close to countertops. Some putties contain additives that may lead to staining.

Drains  When repairing a sink or shower drain, use putty at the bottom of the drain to create a seal and prevent leaks.

Toilets  Leaks may occur where the base of the toilet meets the tile floor. Be careful, though, not to apply the putty around the entire perimeter. This traps the water, which rots the floor.

Call a Plumber for a Permanent Fix in Bothell

Remember, plumbers putty is only intended for short-term fixes. Putty just temporarily patches up an opening while you await plumbing repairs. Our special offers include a free diagnosis, so call Plumbing & Heating Specialist to determine the source of a leak. While we love the putty and its many uses, it’s not a universal fix-it solution. We’re also ready to help you with all your heating needs. Contact us today!

Leak Repairs & Plumbers Putty for Bothell Residences

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