What’s the Odor in Your Tap Water in Snohomish?

tap water odor snohomishWhile many people don’t drink tap water from the faucet, the water is generally safe. However, at times, you may notice a strange odor in your tap water. Is this normal and should you be concerned?

Metallic Odor in Your Tap Water

You may notice a metallic smell in the H2O. This usually emanates from mineral deposits of iron, manganese, or zinc. These might be deposits that occur naturally in most water sources. They might also come from metal particulates from the pipes or water heater. In either scenario, this is no cause for serious alarm.

However, the metallic tap water smell could also be an indication of lead. Older pipes made before 1986 contain lead, which may leach into the water as the metal corrodes. This is a safety hazard and requires immediate attention from a plumber.

Musty Odor

A musty odor isn’t as serious a concern as most people think. City aquafers acquire water from a source that contains algae blooms. While a filter prevents the algae from reaching the water supply, the algae’s residual smell may still linger. The odor isn’t harmful, but if you want to minimize the smell, try refrigerating the water before use.

Rotten Eggs

A smell of eggs gone bad is due to hydrogen sulfide gas. The gas may build up inside heaters. This is certainly the case if the smell is only present in warm tap water. We suggest flushing the heater. If the smell is present in both hot and cold water, then the odor may stem from the water softener.

We Can Eliminate Most Water Odors

Our special offers include heater and water softener cleaning and flushing. This may remove the cause of unpleasant smells. In any case, if smells accompany the tap water, give Plumbing & Heating Specialist a call. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Odor in Your Tap Water? Your Pipe & Heater Maintenance Experts in Snohomish

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