Is It Okay to Flush a Tampon Down the Toilet in Lynnwood?

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Ever wonder if it’s okay to flush a tampon down the toilet? Many women believe that if they don’t have a septic system, they can flush all the tampons they want. Septic systems aren’t designed for dealing with large amounts of sanitary waste, so it’s important that you don’t flush tampons down the toilet. But, even if you’re part of a regular sewer system, flushing your tampons is still a bad idea. 

Why Flushing a Tampon Down the Toilet Is Bad for Plumbing

What makes flushing a tampon especially bad? Tampons are bad for two reasons: they’re not biodegradable, and they can swell to 10 times their size when they’re soaked. This makes them a common cause of toilet backups. If you’re still tempted to flush used tampons out of habit, then consider this warning from Tampax: According to the popular tampon maker, users should never flush the tampons, the applicator, or wrapper down the toilet.

Can You Flush a Tampon That’s Biodegradable?

Some tampon brands claim their product is biodegradable. Even when that’s the case, we still recommend erring on the side of caution. Products have to pass the Brunelle Flushability Test to be considered flushable. To pass the test, the item has to be able to pass a drain’s U-bend pipe.

Here’s the problem: Even if a tampon manages to pass the U-bend it still has a series of other pipes it must negotiate. This presents plenty of other opportunities for the tampon to become stuck.

We’ll Clear a Tampon-Induced Backup

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Never Flush a Tampon: Plumbing Advice for Lynnwood

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