Five Common Summer Plumbing Problems Mukilteo Homeowners Experience

summer plumbing problems mukilteoHave you noticed that some plumbing problems tend to arise in conjunction with summer? This is no coincidence. We examine some common summer plumbing problems: why they occur and what homeowners in Mukilteo can do about them.

Shower Drain Backups

Why are backups such a common plumbing problem in the summer? Hot weather means sweaty bodies, which means more showers. Naturally, more hair and other debris get into and block the drain. One effective way to limit solids getting down the drain is by using a mesh cover.

Toilet Backup

Our plumbing service responds more often to toilet backups in the summer. With school out and people staying inside to avoid the heat, more people are in the home more often. This means increased toilet usage; ultimately, this also leads to more backups. Remind your children to use only as much toilet paper as necessary.

Clogged Garbage Disposal

With summer comes outdoor barbecues and delicious food—lots of it. Food scraps, such as corn cobs, fruit seeds and bones end up in the garbage disposal when they belong in a regular garbage bin. The same goes for oil and grease.

Sprinkler Problems

Grass and plants can lose water and dehydrate under high temperatures. The sprinkler keeps the foliage nicely hydrated. However, the increased use also leads to more breakage of the hose and sprinkler heads. Small leaks in the sprinklers can also lead to water waste.

Summer Plumbing Problems in Mukilteo?

This is the season to address heating and plumbing problems since water usage increases dramatically. Take advantage of our special offers for big savings. Contact us at Plumbing and Heating Specialist to address common summer plumbing problems.

We Fix Summer Residential Plumbing Problems for Mukilteo Homeowners

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