Signs You Need a Furnace Replacement in Edmonds

Furnace Replacement EdmondsWith the winter approaching quickly and the temperatures steadily dropping, making sure your home is comfortable is a top priority. If you have a furnace for your heating system, it needs to be in good shape. Knowing the signs that you need a furnace replacement can help you stay warm in the winter months.  

Your Furnace is More Than 15 Years Old

For the most part, you can count on your furnace lasting at least 15 years. If you’ve had yours for longer, you may want to consider replacing it. A new one can increase the efficiency of your heating system.

Your Energy Bills Are High

One of the most common signs that your furnace needs to be replaced is higher energy bills. If your furnace isn’t operating properly, it has to work harder to generate heat. This means higher energy bills and puts stress on the furnace itself. 

Your Allergy Symptoms are Flaring Up

If you’re noticing your allergy symptoms are worse than usual or you’re having them when you normally don’t, this could be a sign that you need a furnace replacement. Old furnaces won’t filter out dust and debris like they should and will expel it into the air. Getting a new furnace can make you more comfortable and healthier in the wintertime. 

Need a Furnace Replacement in Edmonds?

The plumbing in your home is an essential part of your health and safety as well as that of your family. The team at Plumbing & Heating Specialist is here to help you with all your plumbing and heating needs. Contact us and check out our special offers; we’ll help you keep your home in good condition and running smoothly. 

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