How to Identify the Early Signs of a Serious Plumbing Leak in Mukilteo

plumbing leak mukilteoA leak in your home’s plumbing can be a big problem, especially if it’s allowed to go on for a long time before being repaired. However, if you can identify the issue early, you can avoid some of the more expensive problems. Knowing how to identify the early signs of a serious plumbing leak can be a big help. 

High Water Bills

When you have a large leak in your plumbing system, you might notice that your water bills are higher than usual. This is because you’re using up more water than you generally do and it’s leaking right into the foundation or the walls. 

Decreased Water Pressure

An unusual decrease in water pressure can be a sure sign that you have a large leak somewhere in your system. When a leak springs, the pressure will drop in your showers or sink faucets. If you can’t find any other explanations, a check is a good idea. 

Musty Smell

A musty smell anywhere in your home is cause for concern. Generally, this smell means there’s water somewhere that it shouldn’t be, which could mean a plumbing leak. It also means that you could be growing mold, which needs to be mitigated right away.  

Need Help With a Plumbing Leak in Mukilteo?

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